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Digital media has transformed the ways in which citizens engage in politics, and there are a growing number of occasions where the internet, social media, and information infrastructure seems to play an important role in the evolution of non-violent conflicts. Some argue that the new media environment supports democratization and peace-building efforts, while others argue the opposite.  Either way, foreign policy analysts, academics, and activists have no systematic way of “adding it all up.”  CivicCloud seeks to fill this void.

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In closed and semi-open societies, civil society actors are often at a communications disadvantage. Authoritarian governments hold great resources to mine data, generate propaganda, and manipulate distribution channels. By comparison, independent civil society organizations (CSOs) too often lack access to the tools needed to research, design, develop, and broadly disseminate media. CivicCloud works to remedy this imbalance by providing case-specific, media-based solutions for CSOs to more effectively educate and communicate in the information space. With our support, pro-democracy organizations and entities will better enable their impactful messages to resound as broadly as possible.

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CivicCloud acknowledges the distinct nature of civil society organizations’ work and environments. First, we understand budgetary limitations. We have structured our service provision and content production accordingly. Second, CivicCloud’s approach is one of partnership. Each organization’s demands, challenges, and constituencies vary from country-to-country. There is no genuine blueprint for “one-size-fits-all.” Instead, CivicCloud works closely with CSOs to identify the unique interests and behaviors of their audiences so that we together craft means of information delivery that are both appealing and leave a positive impression. In addition, CivicCloud’s leadership has decades of experience in working with CSOs active in transitional or restrictive spaces, providing us an enhanced understanding of your problems – and solutions.

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